Travelite Protection Plan

 Travelite Travel Protection is your ultimate companion for worry-free journeys around the world! Designed to safeguard your travel and provide you with peace of mind while abroad, our plans offer exceptional benefits and unmatched coverage for your travel protection needs. Whether it's a weekend getaway, a business trip, or a vacation, you can take advantage of your protection benefits each time you travel. At Griffith Global, your safety is our number #1 priority. Check out this short video an experience the benefits we bring.

Rescue App

Get help faster with the Rescue App! When you are on a scheduled trip or vacation, your Rescue App goes with you. Get help for events such as Emergency High Altitude Evacuation, Civil Unrest when you are in danger of bodily harm and more!

Griffith Global travel protection
Crisis Rescue

High Altitude Evacuation

We don't believe in restricting activities such as Rock climbing, Scuba Diving or Backcountry Skiing, Mountaineering, Trekking, Skydiving, Spelunking, Diving, Parachuting, BASE jumping, Ballooning, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Skiing outside of a resort etc... We encourage Safety First, but without restrictions. We provide that "Safety Net" in case something goes wrong.

Medical Transport

In the event of a medical emergency, Griffith Global Provides transport to the home hospital of your choice. Medical transport can be pricey. Here, it is included in your plan.

Travel Security

The Griffith Global Travel Security Package offers a comprehensive and reliable solution to enhance travel protection. With this package, travelers can enjoy a wide range of benefits that ensure their safety and security during their journeys.

Services We Offer With Membership

All Plans Include:
*Field Rescue & Medical Evacuation
*Medical Advisory & Intelligence
*Destination Reports & Alerts
*Transport To Home Hospital Of Choice

Other Optional Features

Security Package
High Altitude Evacuation

Optional Security Package Add-on includes
Physical extraction when you are in danger of bodily harm.
Includes civil unrest, war, natural disasters, government evacuation orders and other security emergencies.

Optional High Altitude Evacuation package includes
For individuals traveling above 15,000 ft (4,600 m) during any part of their trip (excluding airplane travel).
Emergency physical transport due to injury or illness.

How do our plans compare?

How do our services line up? We go the extra mile for our members by offering a range of included services that are simply unmatched by the competition. 

Griffith Global Travel Protection



Find answers to some common questions that arise regarding our company, products, and services. We understand that you may have some doubts or uncertainties, and that’s why we have put together this comprehensive list of questions and answers to guide you in the right direction. Our team has carefully curated this section to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience and can easily navigate through any concerns you might have. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, our FAQ section is here to provide you with all the support you need. 

All services, including rescue, transport and evacuation, are included in the cost of membership. There are no deductibles, no co-pay, or claim forms.

Griffith Global is not an insurance company and cannot reimburse members for either the cost of treatment arranged by the member or the member’s trip costs.

If the situation in a country deteriorates to the point where an official declaration is made or it is clear that the member will suffer imminent grievous bodily harm, Griffith Global will deploy and rescue the member, bringing them to the nearest safe location prior to evacuating them back to their home country.

Griffith Global membership is available to anyone, regardless of their country of citizenship. Griffith Global will transport and evacuate our members to their choice of hospital in their home country. All prices quoted for memberships are listed in U.S. dollars (USD).

If you require hospitalization and wish to go home, Griffith Global will transport you there by the medically indicated form of transport. Griffith Global will determine the mode of transport, taking into account member safety, treatment and comfort concerns.

Griffith Global provides Field Rescue services to members anytime they become injured or ill in a location where serious permanent injury or death could result. For example, Griffith Global regularly provides Field Rescue services to members in the backcountry suffering from altitude sickness and orthopedic injuries, including sprains and broken bones. Please refer to our Member Services Agreement for more detail.

We provide life-saving integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis management services, delivered by our teams of critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses and military special operations veterans. We provide worldwide field rescue without any mileage-from-home requirements.

Yes –

  • Members with certain infectious diseases

  • Women beyond their second trimester of pregnancy

  • Psychiatric maladies

  • Members traveling expressly for medical purposes

  • Intentional self-inflicted injuries

  • Members engaged in armed conflict

  • Conditions relating to intentional overdoses of a controlled substance

  • Conditions relating to ingesting a banned substance

  • Conditions relating to previously diagnosed organ transplant or infectious disease


  • Field Rescue services provide transport to the nearest facility if the member’s condition is likely to cause serious permanent injury or death if they are unable to get to a hospital

  • Evacuation to home hospital of choice for members hospitalized or in need of hospitalization more than 100 miles from home

  • Country where patient is hospitalized must be able to safely accommodate Griffith Global aircraft, ground or sea transport

  • If the member is able to safely fly commercially with or without a medical escort, Griffith Global will make necessary arrangements for this alternative

  • All services must be arranged and provided by Griffith Global

  • Individual members are limited to two (2) transports per year on annual membership

  • Family membership transports are limited to (1) transport each for a common accident or two (2) transports in aggregate on annual membership

  • Members who become ill on cruise ships must disembark at an accessible medical facility or port

Family memberships include a primary member, spouse and up to six dependent children under the age of 25.

Memberships cover members traveling under the age of 75.

Our teams of special operations veterans are available to provide advisory, consultation and evacuation services for events like natural disasters, terror attacks and civil unrest when you are in danger.

Griffith Global will transport our members to the domestic hospital of their choice. Griffith Global cannot guarantee that there will be space available to admit the member, however. We will do our best to accommodate our member’s preferences and work with the receiving hospital to both gain admittance for our member and manage all of the logistics of the transfer.

Where To?

No matter where you travel to, we have coverage. With Multiple locations set up around the world, the right protection is close by!