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A.D.E.P.T. training

Advanced Dignitary & Executive Protection Training is a specialized program designed to provide comprehensive training and skills development for individuals responsible for protecting high-profile individuals such as dignitaries, executives, celebrities, and other prominent figures. This type of training is commonly undertaken by security professionals, law enforcement officers, or individuals working in private security firms.

The training program typically covers a wide range of topics and skills to ensure the highest level of protection for the clients. Here are some key components that may be included in advanced dignitary and executive protection training:

Threat Assessment

Participants are trained to assess potential threats and vulnerabilities specific to their clients.

This includes analyzing potential risks, conducting background checks on individuals, and identifying possible security breaches.

Protective Measures

Training focuses on the implementation of protective measures to mitigate risks. 

This may include developing security plans, establishing secure travel routes, conducting venue security assessments, and implementing access control protocols.

Crisis Management

Training programs often include crisis management and emergency response training. 

Participants learn how to handle various crisis scenarios, make quick decisions under pressure, and effectively communicate and coordinate with other security personnel, law enforcement agencies, or emergency services.

Griffith Tactical

Griffith Tactical brings a unique approach to tactical, combat, room clearing, and military supplemental training. Griffith Tactical is a training distinguished by its unparalleled efficiency. Our instructors, renowned for their extensive real-world experience, bring a wealth of expertise to the training, ensuring that participants receive top-tier instruction. The efficiency of the training is evident in its ability to impart crucial skills and knowledge within optimized time frames, enabling participants to swiftly and effectively apply their training in real-world scenarios. 

•Training for Law Enforcement, Security and military
•Room/Building entry and clearing

Room/Building Entry & Room Clearing

Specialized training and regular practice are essential for personnel involved in building entry and room clearing. This includes honing individual skills, practicing team coordination, and understanding the principles of close quarters battle (CQB) to execute these procedures with precision and safety.

room clear training
room clear training

Room clearing is the process of methodically searching and securing individual rooms within a building. It involves:

Stacking: Positioning team members in a specific order outside the room to prepare for entry.

Entry Techniques: Employing various entry techniques such as dynamic entry, deliberate entry, or stealth entry based on the specific situation.
Clearing Procedures: Clearing the room systematically, checking corners, behind doors, and other potential hiding spots for any threats.
Communication: Effective communication between team members to relay information about cleared areas and potential threats.

Field Medical Training

Learn how to facilitate on-the-spot emergency medical procedures such as:

•Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC): TCCC focuses on providing prehospital care in a combat environment, emphasizing the principles of care under fire, tactical field care, and casualty evacuation care.

•Trauma Management: Training in the assessment and treatment of traumatic injuries such as gunshot wounds, blast injuries, fractures, and burns.

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