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Corporate Security

Our protection services can provide low profile security agents to help minimize the potential risks while not disrupting your workplace. Furthermore, keeping your production rates high.

Griffith Global Protection Services

Executive Level Security

Our Agents are highly trained in the field of personal protection for executives, VIPs, High Net worth individuals, celebrities, Government Representatives and individuals from around the world.

Travel Protection

All services, including rescue, transport and evacuation, are included in the cost of membership.

There are NO deductibles! NO co-pays!
NO claim forms or hidden fees! 

Rescue Services

Our members are safe knowing that we have the technology to help track and rescue them faster than ever before!

Griffith Global Services

Estate Security

Estate and residential security is a service we offer to high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients. We customize a security and protection plan according to your needs with an often blended approach from our executive protection agents.

Griffith Global Risk Analysis Services

Travel Risk Analysis

If you or your employees are planning to travel, a full-site Travel Threat Analysis is essential. In the analysis, we identify threats at the locations where you will be during your journey and include travel-related information, such as emergency contacts or public transportation.


At Griffith Global, we have a comprehensive approach to risk management and security that identifies risks impacting your organizations objectives. We will put together the right strategic services with cost-effective tactical operations to reduce, manage, and mitigate risks. These services can range from an as-needed incident basis to a fully-dedicated staffing option on a local or enterprise level. We can put together a tailored security package that will integrate with your organization and in a way that will not disrupt your workflow or staff. 

Global Support

We have support hubs strategically set up around the world, to better accommodate safe and efficient rescue in your time of need.