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Griffith Global specializes in navigating complex global risk issues and providing solutions to organizations, as well as individuals looking to travel with our protection. Griffith Global offers expertise in understanding and managing risks, helping organizations make informed decisions and mitigate potential threats to their operations.

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Why is Tavel Management Important?

It is estimated that injury accounts for close to 25% of deaths in travellers, most of which are theoretically preventable


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Corporate Travel

Corporate travel poses various risks that companies need to address to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees/teams. These risks include cultural misunderstandings, adverse weather events, civil unrest, and unpredictable local laws. To mitigate these risks, companies should implement travel security measures. This involves preparing employees for their trips by providing them with information about cultural differences, local laws, and potential weather hazards. It is also crucial to ensure that employees have the necessary travel documents and access to medical support, as well as addressing food and water safety concerns. Partnering with corporate travel specialists and having a corporate travel security policy in place can help companies effectively manage and mitigate these risks, worldwide.