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What Do You Get With Our Travel Protection?

Our services (including rescue, transport and evacuation), are included in the cost of membership. There are no deductibles, no co-pay, claim forms or hidden fees!

Corporate and Individual Memberships•Field Rescue & Medical Evacuation
•Medical Advisory & Intelligence. •Destination Reports & Alerts
•Transport To Hospital •Physical extraction

With you, Wherever you go

Elite Protection, Worldwide!

In an ever-changing and complex world, security concerns are paramount. Enhanced security requires education, training and specialized skills. Griffith Global provides end-to-end risk management and comprehensive security solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure globally.

At Griffith Global, we have a comprehensive approach to risk management and security that identifies risks impacting your organizations objectives. We will put together the right strategic services with cost-effective tactical operations to reduce, manage, and mitigate risks. These services can range from an as-needed incident basis to a fully-dedicated staffing option on a local or enterprise level. We can put together a tailored security package that will integrate with your organization and in a way that will not disrupt your workflow or staff. 

"Its team of experienced professionals – critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses, and military special operations veterans – are well-equipped to deal with any emergency that may arise during a traveler's trip..."

Do You Have a Travel Emergency Plan?

Traditional insurance won’t rescue you, and a medical evacuation can cost up to $300,000! The cost to our members? Just the price of their membership, starting as low as $129! 

Short Term Plans

Starting at
$ 129
Medical Advisory & Intelligence
Field Rescue
Medical Evacuation

Annual Plans

Starting at
$ 359
Cover The Whole Family
Group Discount
Annual Plan Available

Global Support

We have support hubs strategically set up around the world, to better accommodate safe and efficient rescue in your time of need.